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The AverageStrategy is a simple trading strategy that buys and sells based on crossover signals. It is designed as a proof of concept and may not perform well in real-world trading. Here are the key components of the strategy: Minimal ROI: The strategy aims to achieve a minimal return on investment (ROI) of 0.5.

This means that it expects a profit of at least 0.5 times the investment amount before considering a sell signal.

Stoploss: The strategy sets a stoploss level at -0.2, indicating that if the price drops by 0.2 times the investment amount, the strategy will trigger a sell signal to limit potential losses.

Timeframe: The strategy operates on a 4-hour timeframe, meaning it analyzes price data and generates trading signals based on four-hour intervals. Buy Range Short and Buy Range Long: These are parameter ranges that define the short and long exponential moving average (EMA) periods used in the strategy. The short EMA period ranges from 5 to 20, with a default value of 8. The long EMA period ranges from 20 to 120, with a default value of 21. Indicators: The strategy calculates EMA indicators for all the specified buy range periods and adds them to the dataframe. Populate Buy Trend: This function populates the buy signal based on the crossover between the short and long EMAs. If the short EMA crosses above the long EMA and the volume is greater than 0, a buy signal is generated. Populate Sell Trend: This function populates the sell signal based on the crossover between the long and short EMAs. If the long EMA crosses above the short EMA and the volume is greater than 0, a sell signal is generated. Overall, the AverageStrategy is a basic strategy that relies on EMA crossovers to generate trading signals. However, its performance may not be optimal, and it serves primarily as a demonstration rather than a fully developed trading strategy.

stoploss: -0.2
timeframe: 4h
hash(sha256): 3a4cca8f1e680e601358647847cfe6654fdad918929ac30d4486de1871693ac3
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