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The "AlwaysBuy" strategy is a simple trading strategy that always generates a buy signal and does not use any sell signals. Here's a breakdown of its important components: ROI table: The strategy defines a minimal return on investment (ROI) table. It specifies the expected returns at different time intervals.

In this case, it expects a 1% ROI at time 0, 2% at time 100, 3% at time 200, and -1% at time 300.

Stoploss: The strategy sets a stoploss of -0.2, which means that if the price drops by 20% from the entry price, the position will be automatically sold to limit losses.

Trailing stop: The strategy does not use a trailing stop, as the "trailing_stop" parameter is set to False. If it were True, the trailing stop would adjust the stoploss level as the price increases. Buy hypers: The strategy uses a 5-minute timeframe for analysis and does not utilize a sell signal. Indicator population: The strategy does not calculate any indicators or use any additional data for analysis. The "populate_indicators" function is left empty, returning the input dataframe as is. Buy signal: The "populate_buy_trend" function adds a "buy" column to the dataframe and assigns a value of 1 to indicate a buy signal for all data points. Sell signal: The "populate_sell_trend" function does not generate any sell signals and returns the input dataframe unchanged. Overall, the strategy simply always generates a buy signal without considering any indicators or sell signals. It has predefined ROI expectations and a stoploss to manage risk.

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