Strategy: ADX_RSI
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The ADX_RSI strategy is a trading strategy that combines the use of the RSI (Relative Strength Index) and ADX (Average Directional Index) indicators. The strategy aims to identify oversold conditions (low RSI values) and strong trends (high ADX values) to generate buy signals. Here's a breakdown of the strategy: Indicator Population: The RSI indicator is calculated using a time period of 14 on the input dataframe.

The ADX indicator is calculated using a time period of 14 on the input dataframe.

Buy Signal Generation: The strategy generates a buy signal when the following conditions are met: RSI value is less than or equal to the specified buy_rsi parameter value.

ADX value is greater than or equal to the specified buy_adx parameter value. Volume is greater than 0. Sell Signal Generation: The strategy does not generate any sell signals, as the relevant code is commented out. Risk Management: The strategy defines a minimal ROI (Return on Investment) table with specific target percentages at different time intervals. A stop-loss value of -0.322 is set, indicating the maximum acceptable loss percentage. Trailing stop functionality is disabled. Additional Configuration: The strategy uses a 5-minute timeframe for trading. It enables the use of sell signals and allows selling only when a profit is achievable. Order types are set to 'market' for buying and selling, and 'market' for stop-loss. The strategy does not process indicators for every candle but only for new candles. Overall, the ADX_RSI strategy aims to capitalize on oversold conditions and strong trends to generate buy signals. It employs the RSI and ADX indicators for decision-making and implements risk management measures such as minimal ROI targets and a stop-loss threshold.

stoploss: -0.322
timeframe: 5m
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