Strategy: ADX_15M_STRATEGY_903
Downloaded: 20220112
Stoploss: -0.125

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The ADX_15M_USDT strategy is a trading strategy designed for backtesting. It operates on 15-minute ticker intervals and uses various technical indicators to make buy and sell decisions. Here's a breakdown of the important components: ROI table: The strategy has a predefined ROI (Return on Investment) table that specifies the expected returns at different time intervals.

For example, it expects a 26.552% return at time 0, 10.255% return at time 30, 3.545% return at time 210, and 0% return at time 540.

Stoploss: The strategy has a stoploss value of -0.1255, which means that if the price drops below this threshold, the strategy will trigger a sell signal to limit potential losses.

Indicators: The strategy calculates several technical indicators using the TA-Lib library and stores them in the dataframe. The indicators used are ADX (Average Directional Index), PLUS_DI (Plus Directional Indicator), MINUS_DI (Minus Directional Indicator), SAR (Stop and Reverse), and MOM (Momentum). These indicators provide insights into market trends, directional movement, and price momentum. Buy Signal: The populate_buy_trend method determines when to place a buy signal. The conditions for a buy signal include an ADX value greater than 16, a minus DI value greater than 4, and a crossing above of the minus DI and plus DI lines. Sell Signal: The populate_sell_trend method determines when to place a sell signal. The conditions for a sell signal include an ADX value greater than 43, a plus DI value greater than 24, and a crossing above of the sell-plus DI and sell-minus DI lines. By backtesting this strategy on historical data, you can evaluate its performance and potential profitability.

stoploss: -0.125
timeframe: 15m
hash(sha256): 75a04fe12fca5eda6b919d67f9ebaa04161a178c939ecb40fc05266c2ffbe30a
sellsar sellminus_di adx minus_di selladx
sellplus_di mom sellmom plus_di sar

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