Strategy: ADX_15M_STRATEGY
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The ADX_15M_USDT strategy is designed to backtest trading on a 15-minute timeframe for a specific cryptocurrency (USDT). Here's a breakdown of what the strategy does: Indicators: ADX (Average Directional Index): Calculates the strength of a trend. PLUS_DI and MINUS_DI: Measure the positive and negative directional movement.

SAR (Stop and Reverse): Identifies potential reversal points in the price.

MOM (Momentum): Measures the rate of price change.

Buy Trend: Conditions for buying: ADX is greater than 16, indicating a strong trend. MINUS_DI is greater than 4, suggesting downward movement. PLUS_DI is greater than 20, indicating upward movement. The PLUS_DI line has crossed above the MINUS_DI line, indicating a potential bullish signal. Sell Trend: Conditions for selling: ADX is greater than 43, indicating a very strong trend. MINUS_DI is greater than 22, suggesting significant downward movement. PLUS_DI is greater than 20, indicating upward movement. The MINUS_DI line has crossed above the PLUS_DI line, indicating a potential bearish signal. ROI (Return on Investment) Table: Specifies the expected returns at different time intervals (in minutes) after buying. For example, after 0 minutes (immediately), the expected return is 26.552%. The strategy aims to achieve a final return of 0% after 540 minutes. Stoploss: Sets a stop loss at -12.55%, which means that if the price drops by that percentage, the position will be automatically sold to limit losses. By backtesting this strategy on historical data, you can evaluate its performance and assess its profitability.

stoploss: -0.125
timeframe: 15m
hash(sha256): da2958d19eab44ee135690eae7167cb51f7d1a66b300ebf065991dc246f3d465
sellsar sellminus_di adx minus_di selladx
sellplus_di mom sellmom plus_di sar

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