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The ADXMomentum strategy is designed to generate buy and sell signals based on various technical indicators. Here's a breakdown of how the strategy works: Indicator Calculation: ADX (Average Directional Index): Used to indicate trend strength. DI+ (Positive Directional Indicator) and DI- (Negative Directional Indicator): Used for trend direction.

SAR (Stop and Reverse): A parabolic indicator used for trend reversal.

MOM (Momentum): Measures the rate of price change.

Buy Signal: Conditions for a buy signal: ADX is above 25. MOM is above 0. DI+ is greater than 25. DI+ is greater than DI-. Sell Signal: Conditions for a sell signal: ADX is above 25. MOM is below 0. DI+ is greater than 25. DI+ is less than DI-. Exit Strategy: The minimal ROI (Return on Investment) is set to 1%. The bot exits the trade after achieving a 1% profit. The stop loss is set to -25%. If the trade incurs a loss of 25% after entering, the bot exits the trade. Timeframe and Startup Requirement: The strategy is designed for a 1-hour timeframe. The strategy requires a minimum of 20 candles (20 hours) of data before producing valid signals. Note: The strategy also includes plot configurations to visualize the indicators on a chart after backtesting. Overall, the ADXMomentum strategy aims to capture trends with the help of ADX, DI+, DI-, SAR, and MOM indicators, generating buy and sell signals based on specific conditions.

stoploss: -0.25
timeframe: 1h
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